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RoundTripp Introduction
A brilliant fusion of dynamic and melodic scat vocals with a comprehensive sound that sublimes various genres ranging from Jazzfunk and Bossa Nova to Electronica, to new dimensions.
Based on the theme of journeying into the unknown, they create sounds that are at the forefront of music. You just cannot miss this up-and-coming duo, RoundTripp.

Media Reviews of second album Fly to Possibility
gA groove master combining rhythmic keyboard work and bold feminine energy with a free command of voice percussions that transcends traditional scat vocals.h
gFrom dynamic and multidimensional vocals to sensual bass-led grooves, the spirit of the ages when crossover jazz was born can definitely be felt in the comprehensive sound that combines elements of jazz, funk, Latin and electronica. The title Fly to Possibility is a clear expression of their intent to pursue musical and spiritual possibilities.h ADLIB (published by Swing Journal -January 2007)

gWith Latin senses rarely seen in Japan, boldness and receptiveness are scattered all throughout their rhythm, melodies and vocals on this second release. Different from an unrefined, earthy presence, the graceful, straightforward sound is just pleasing to the ear.h MARQUEE (published by Marquee Inc. -Vol. 58)

gDespite female vocals, her heavy use of scats is reminiscent of Al Jarreau and the orchestration of melodies on a groovy rhythm base is somewhat similar to the Japanese fusion duo, Micro Stone. Jazz fusion idioms are scattered among catchy arrangements and the sound combining pop and core music is refreshing; a sound that feels good and will not let go.h Cyber Fusion- jazzfusion.com (December 2006)

Member Profile
Yukimasa (Yuki) Yoshida (Bass, Programming, Music, Arrangement)
Born between music and audio enthusiast parents, he started playing piano at the age of 2.
In ninth grade, he was awe-inspired by the music of Herbie Hancock, Sly & Family Stone and Ryuichi Sakamoto (Yellow Magic Orchestra) and decided to start playing synthesizers and electric bass, as well as write his own music. He has been involved as a bassist and a composer in countless gigs and recordings of various bands centered on soul, jazz and techno. His meeting with Takeuchi came when he was working as a composer/arranger in a music production, starting RoundTripp in 2005. His bass playing is strongly characterized by his unique sound and dynamic style, incorporating elements of 60's-70's jazz, crossover and electronica, and elevating them to new heights.

Midori Takeuchi (Voice, Lead synthesizer, Percussion, Lyrics)
Determined to become a singer in her youth, Takeuchi began writing lyrics and music at the age of 17. Her influences include the likes of Linda Lewis, Al Jarreau and Flora Purim of the early 70's fusion unit Return to Forever, expressing the emotions of sophisticated jazz, soul and black music in her own unique style. In addition to cherishing Japanese lyrics, she also conveys the joy of music without lyrics, frequently incorporating percussive scats in her songs. Her instrumental, yet emotional and powerful vocals have captured the hearts of the listeners. She met Yoshida during her years as a singer/songwriter in the same music production, together starting RoundTripp.

History Highlights
-Nationwide release of the debut album First Destination on September 25, 2005, ranking fifth in the Tower Records J-Indies charts. Follows with in-store gigs in nationwide Tower Records, HMV, Apple Stores, etc. and numerous appearances on FM radio stations across Japan.

-December 2005, 'Landscape,' off of the album First Destination, becomes the all-time number one requested song on the program, Music Hyper Market on J-Wave FM.

-Interviews and live footages of 'Acoustic Shine' and 'Be' aired on MIT Revolutions on satellite broadcast Nippon Television from August, 2006.

-September 2006, interviews and live footage of 'Fly High,' off of the second album Fly to Possibility, begins global and nationwide distribution on Musicum TV Station, hosted by J.R. Robinson, member of the Prince family and the drummer of Ashanti and countless renown musicians.

-'Rocket 2006,' off of Fly to Possibility, recorded on 'waperitivo-tokyo style/V.A.,' (aperitivo records 11/29/2006 release) the latest of the popular compilation album which has sold a series total of over 100,000 copies.

-Nationwide release of second album Fly to Possibility on December 6, 2006, ranking fourth in the HMV Japanese Club Music (major and independent) reservation charts, sixth in the Tower Records J-Indies charts and tenth in the weekly charts.

-Album review of Fly to Possibility and exclusive interview published in the January edition of the music magazine ADLIB (published by Swing Journal) on December 19, 2006.
-Album review of Fly to Possibility and Rountripp selection of iPod playlist published in the music page FAVORITE PLAYLIST in the February edition of the fashion magazine GISELe (published by Shufu No Tomo) on December 26, 2006.


Title:Fly to Possibility
Label / Distribution:Musicmagic Records / Ratspack Records(Japan)
Cat No:MRRT-0001
Released:6 December, 2006
Genre: Nu Jazz/Dance/Electronica

Title:First Destination
Label / Distribution:Lydian Holdings / Vivid Sound (Japan)
Cat No:LHIM-0001
Released:25 September, 2005
Genre:Nu Jazz/Dance/Electronica

"Fly to Possibility"
Musicmagic Records
01. RT-Blues
02. Bordeaux (FTP-Edit)
03. Rocket2006
04. Fly High
05. A day out!
06. Wanderer
07. Rhythm of Nature
08. Precious
09. Fly High
(Samba-Electro Remix)

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